Gerry Dee Hosts Panel at Toronto Blue Jays 25th Anniversary of ’93 World Series

November 5, 2018


Gerry Dee


(Pictured above from L-R – Gerry Dee, Joe Carter, Rickey Henderson & Dave Stewart)

[TORONTO] – On October 23, 1993 Joe Carter of the Toronto Blue Jays hit a 9th inning walk-off home run in Game 6 to win the World Series over the Philadelphia Phillies to cap off incredible back-to-back championship titles for the baseball club.

25 years later to the day in 2018 and the core group of players from that incredible 1993 team including Carter, Roberto Alomar, Rickey Henderson, Dave Stewart, Pat Borders, Devon White, Duane Ward and the manager Cito Gaston got together with over 500 special guests to celebrate the achievement and raise money for charity.

Comedian Gerry Dee was hired to host two panels with some of the stars of the team to share some of the insider stories and entertain guests.

Some of the highlights included:

  • Gerry wondering how Devon White made so many incredible catches in outfield considering it took him two minutes to get on stage
  • Pat Borders doesn’t have a single piece of memorabilia in his house and you would never know he played in the MLB for 17 years if you walked in
  • Veteran Alfredo Griffin yelled out from the audience that he was the happiest guy in Canada when Carter hit the home run because he was the pinch hitter on-deck and hadn’t had an at-bat for the entire playoffs
  • Joe Carter claiming he didn’t really swing at the first few pitches of his final at-bat because he was waiting for Rickey Henderson to steal 3rd
  • Rickey Henderson claiming that he didn’t steal 3rd because he was too busy distracting pitcher Mitch Williams so he would throw Carter a bad pitch that he could knock out of the park – which he did
  • Most people agree that Rickey Henderson was the best base stealer of all-time so Gerry asked him on a scale of 1-10 how fast would a 60-year old Rickey Henderson be today if he was a 10 during his playing career. Without missing a beat Rickey said – “9.5”.
  • Joe Carter was a free agent heading into 1993 and debated signing with Kansas City or Toronto but was swayed because of a dream he had walking into a stadium which happened to be SkyDome and when he woke up in the morning there were blue jays all over his backyard. Cito Gaston joked in his closing remarks that he wanted to come clean after all these says to say that he actually put the blue jays there.

Gerry Dee and Roberto Alomar worked together previously when Roberto made a guest appearance on Gerry’s hit show Mr. D in season four.

Mr. D will enter it’s 8th and final season starting Wednesday, November 7th on CBC.

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