PGA of Canada and LivRelief Launch National Contest

August 1, 2021


PGA of Canada


Which club gives you the most pain contest – presented by LivRelief™

Win a brand-new TaylorMade club to replace one that gives you pain.

We’ve all been there. You’re staring down a 12-foot birdie putt, licking your chops at the opportunity to erase one of the (many) bogeys from earlier in your round. You close your eyes and imagine how it will feel when your buddy runs over to give you a high five as you happily snatch the ball from the bottom of the cup and draw a circle on your scorecard.

Here it is, the moment of truth. You line up the putt, making sure to give it plenty of pace because your worst nightmare Is hitting the perfect line just to come up a revolution short. But this putt was not meant to be – you hit it a little strong and it misses on the high side… and it’s not in yet.

Your knees shake on the three-footer. Instead of thinking about a circle, you’re just trying to avoid the heartbreak of playing one of your finest holes of the day (before the green), just to walk away with yet another bogey.

You hit the three-footer. Lip out. But don’t worry, hope isn’t lost. it’s not you – it’s never you. Maybe you just need a new putter.

Alongside our friends at LivRelief, we want to hear which club in your bag gives you the most pain. Do you relate with the above story, and wish you had some way to ease the pain your putter gives you? Or do you constantly find yourself sweating on the tee box when the big stick is in your hands? We want to hear from you!

How to Enter: 

Whatever club gives you the most pain, our friends at TaylorMade would like to replace it! Simply fill out this sign-up form and tell us which club in your bag gives you the most pain and why.

How do you win? Simply give us the funniest or most creative response you can. Whether that’s a poem about the three wood you’ve never quite been able to hit, a short story about the five-iron you’ve worn the toe off of, or a song about the sand wedge you could never fully commit to, we want to hear from you.

We all remember the shots that keep us coming back. Unfortunately, it’s the ones that we try to forget that give us the most pain.

Must be 19-years old+ to enter, entry deadline August 26, 2021.

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